Body Herbal Compress ball

Body Herbal Compress ball


Herbal compress ball is a bag of herbs specially those contain essential oils when expose to heat will give out the aroma and oil at the same time. It is the old Thai tradition medicinal.Relieve muscle pain aromatherapy. Relax and improves blood circulation. 

  • Usage

    1.Put in water for 5 min.
    2.Steam in microwave 100C for 3 min.
    3.Compress your body as needed : nape,shoulder,arm,leg,knee,back etc.                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Storage

    One compress ball be able to use for 3-5 times.When use already,put in plastic sealed bag and keep in refrigerator after used not more than one month.**brand new compress Ball for 2 years.**