about us

       Bang Kham area, Banmi district, Lopburi province, Thailand. There are rivers flowing There are many kinds of herbs. The people grow up. For more than 100 years, the family has used herbs to treat diseases and use in skin care. The wisdom is a secret for a long time.  Use inheritance from generation to generation. Mrs. Napaporn  Tangtamtithi is the successor of herbal texts later. And go to study medicine in Thai traditional medicine of the Ministry of Public Health.



In 1997  She has been produce traditional shampoo and soap by use ingredients from her garden and sell in small community.






















In 2002 We began to produce products under

the brand  “Herb Care” beauty from the herbs

 ( HERBCARE means care with herbs and

  beauty from herbs)  






In 2003  The company selected OTOP Product                                                          Champion. And achieved a five star rating the

following year at the national level.    Herbcare 

is CertificateIndustrial Standards Institute  from

The Kingdom of  Thailand  Ministry of  Industrial 

Department  of  Industrial Standards Office . 

Many Certificate Industrial Standards  types

such as face care products. : Centella Asiatic                                                          Cream, Turmeric Cream,Serum for face ,Skin

cream , body lotion, Shampoo, Soap,  lip balm. 










In 2008  Certificate  Good Hygienic Practice

(GHP) from  the Public Health Office of Lopburi 

Provincial Public Health Office. 

















In 2017  We get registered trademark.Certification

of  Trademark Registration from The Kingdom of 

Thailand  Ministry of  Commerce Intellectual

Property Trademark Office.





In 2019 Start new project at Khao-Samorkorn model.

Full service factory for enough support cusumers

demand and for OEM service. the factory concept

was technology combine with original hand made 

for high quality products.


In2020 Project 80% completed had been start launch

products here with love and high technology. We plan

to open factory for cusumer tours in 2021. See you :)






All  HERBCARE  products are safe because all products are approved. From the Food and Drug Administration Ministry of  Public Health .  Herb Care is certified  License  Permit  Number  From  The Kingdom  of   Thailand  Ministry of  Public Health of   Food and Drug  Administration Office.


In 2001 She got Board of control for Health Professionals  license to be registered Thai Practitioner Traditional infield  Pharmacist 
Recipes The herbs used in the skin. The study of the production of cosmetics. The scientific research on herbs applied to blend with local herbal texts. Experiment with herbal cream for facial and body skin distribution to members of the village and nearby villages to try. The effect is very acceptable. 

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